Silken Vanilla Lemon Cake (vegan, wheat-free)

Lecker…ein klarer Fall für den

Hi, (deutscher Text folgt weiter unten!)

We had such a nice day today! We wanted to bake, and we wanted to try something new, something different…. and there we were, standing in the kitchen, baking this incredibly tasty „Silken Vanilla Lemon Cake“!!! Let me tell you, this cake is so good, so lemony and creamy! My family came to visit this afternoon and I was prepared. My dad who loves non-vegan cheesecake was very fond of our little cake, even though we told him it was vegan!!! 😉 He wanted a second piece! It is actually not supposed to be a cheesecake substitute, as it is just better (it’s vegan!!) and stands for itself. We had a nice little fire in our chimney, which was so cozy, as it seems to finally get colder outside…  The leaves were falling down and inside we sat and had this amazing cake! Unfortunately, nothing’s left for tomorrow…

Please try, and tell me how you liked it!

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